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training the replacements

Oberst Nagten
VS Axis
Replacement tanks skirmish before moving off to support decimated formations

MO wanted to try his hand with Germans...and naturally enough chose the big tank

a recovered Tiger from the 101st SS participated.

Another game of Bridges, this time with German Ausbuildings und Ersatz tanks participating in a last training even before moving off to join their parent formations

Replacement crews and tanks for 9th Panzer

I was cast in the role of 'attacker' for the training exercise. MO decided to hunker down near the bridge, using a building for cover. The attacker role gave me the initiative. And so I was moving second, an advantage. Or so it seemed.

Scraping bottom of barrel - Tiger from rebuild depot hurried to the front along with escort

On the first turn of shooting (Turn 2) I concentrated on the MKIV, a marginally easier target. Still had 4 defense dice. But my third MKIV rolled 4 hits (the odds against that, Hauptman, are 16 to 1) and he rolled 4 misses (combined odds, 256 to 1).

But the MKIV still survived, because no critical damage occurred

My mad dash to the bridge - Turn 3. Note MKIV hiding to avoid more damage

I didn't quite make contest distance, and MO placed the MKIV so that it wasn't shootable this turn. Shooting the TIGER proved a different proposition. No hits. But the Tiger, rerolling, did 2 hits to a MKIV. A battle of attrition was on

The damaged MKIV sneaks in a shot turn 4

Turn 4, MO contested with the Tiger, as did I. With all three tanks. The MKIV managed a position where it could only be shot by 1 tank. One point of damage to Tiger, 1 point to my already damaged MKIV. Two MKIV's traded shots and I took one hit.

Grey MKIV presses its luck -Turn 5
Consequence of Drücken Sie Ihr Glück

A repeat of the buffalo shuffle so my tanks stayed at +2 defense dice for movement. Another damage point for my damaged MKIV. A damage point to the Tiger. This time MO's MKIV missed and mine didn't. Scratch the MKIV.

This picture looks the same, doesn't it? Nonetheless, a turn has passed with no damage

Turn 6, in case you are counting. Tiger faced by 3 MKIVs. 6 defense dice (2 for my movement, 2 for his, two for his armor). No hits, three times. MO missed as well

Turnabout, Turn 7, scratch one 9th Panzer MKIV on a lucky shot

Frustration is a terrible thing in a wargame. mine became manifest on Turn 7 after the Tiger smoked in a cheap shot on the badly damaged MKIV. Annoyed, I used blitz to move into close range, hoping for a big turn. After all, I had 9 combined DP left while the Tiger was down to 5.

MO sat still. My tanks had 0 defense dice and his had one. I rolled 4 dice, and managed 2 hits twice, no criticals. He produced 6's in defense to match mine twice (luck is a fickle thing)

MO managed 4 hits on my damaged MKIV.

What would one of my reports be without a blurry picture? But the results of my foolishness must be immortalized

Even with that stunning loss my plan seemed to be working. MO executed a buffalo shuffle to improve his chances of surviving, and let me contest unchallenged. He actually grabbed some cover. I sat still. Rerolls, you know. My 4 shots against his now 5. No hits. No hits on the reroll either.

5 dice fly against my 2 for his movement and one for my armor. Engine fire! One additional hit! Guess who can't find the fire extinguisher!. But I have a victory point.

Always looks great just before disaster strikes. Position at beginning of turn 8

Turn 9. No time limit in this game, so MO hasn't won. Bad thinking. I calculate the odds again. Best chance of scoring a hit is what I did last time. Closing the range by moving adds a dice to his armor, and I can't get to short range by just a blitz. So I repeat. He repeats.

I shoot, and get just one hit. Have to reroll, for NO ACTUAL HITS. (16 to 1, remember). MO smiles, rolls 5 dice and gets just one net hit. Dodged a bullet that time.

Then I remember about the fire extinguisher...

Beginning of Turn 9. Victory point or destruction


I vividly remember the movie scene in UNDER SIEGE where the U-Boat Kapitan and Gary Busey look at each other and then the 16" hits. Felt a lot like that.

First, luck was a factor in my favor early so I can't really complain when it balanced out at the end. But my observation in another 50 point Tanks foray is still valid. Small battles, luck will frequently dominate skill. Not that closing the range to accelerate victory was hugely smart, by the way, but it was carefully considered.

In the end the Germans won/lost, and I was on the losing end of the equation. Schlect Gluck, Kameraden

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