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The Mission

With lots of games being played in this campaign, my kids have taken an interest in the game and want to try it out. Tomorrow we'll play Barkmann's corner. So just to see how it plays in v4 I gave it a test run tonight.

First of I changed the Panther to a Tiger, to better withstand sideshots, since the cross/bog mechanic seems too much of a change for a lone Panther to handle. Secondly is added +1 to the cross test needed to cross the bocages. Finally the commander of the Tiger get the Kurt Knispel command card.

Barkmann's Corner

The conditions are simple. The Allies need to capture the objective near the house and the Germans need to stop them.

Table and deployment.
The Germans are ready.

The armies.

A Tank and 5 stands of infantry is all the germans get.
16 Shermans is a lot of armour.

The Battle begins

4+ cross is not nice.

Out of 7 tanks, only the 1st and last manage to cross.

The crossing difficulties continues on turn 2. Still only 2 tanks are able to drive around.
Road block.
Finally some of the tanks make their cross tests and the allied attack are back on track.
Barkmann claims the first kill today.
The PzGrens won't stand in the shadow, moves forward and bails a Sherman and assaults the helpless tank.
More tanks push forward, but Barkmann wipes them aside.

More Shermans approach, but the Tiger blitzes and the infantry prepares for assault. But the Tiger misses all shots, so the infantry takes it in their own hands. bailing 1 tank and assaulting the remaining. with one stand killed in def-fire, the faust is and claims 3 tank kills....

Thats how its done.
One platoon get into position for flank shots.
Another get flank shots.

dispite 4 tanks getting side shots, no one manages to penetrate.

One platoon dealt with.

The infantry assaults the 2 tanks in the field and once more the faust hits. in the following assault the remaining allies tank fall back and the Tiger destroys two more shermans causing the remaining tanks to run. 8-1 to the germans.

The end..

Closing thoughts.

This was quick and bloody. I think the 1+ to cross was too much. So tomorrow I'll just play it as a normal cross test to go through the bocage.

After a successful encounter the German commander drives back to HQ

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