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When the Beaver scares the Elephant

Red Beaver
VS Axis


With the Campaign going in to the last half, we decided to have a little tournament in our local store NEXUS-Reykjavik. They kindly opened up early so we could get 3 full games in on a Sunday with our club Burning Bridges.

The Mission

We now needed only, to give those Germans the final push to get out of Caen.
Major Von Einarsson and I got the Mission Breakthrough, when we both chose Attack in the battle matrix.

I ended up as defender and got to chose the corners I wanted to defend. I picked two corners that would give me the best places to pop my ambush in concealment.

The Armies

The British Forces.
My List.

The Germans.

German army List

Major von Einarsson had taken a complete PzIV company, with luftwaffe support and a Ferdinand. The Stuka tank-hunter wouldn't be a big threat to my Churchills, but my M10's would have to be careful.

The Battle.

As the Ferdinand posed the biggest threat to my army, I decided to make that my main target. So I put the M10C's into ambush and placed the 3 Churchill troops on table to avoid casualties from the Stuka.

Priority Target number 1

Von Einarsson swung most of his troops to the right, leaving the Ferdinand and 3 PzIV's Guarding the middle. I sent one Churchill to the right to guard the furthest objective, keep one Churchill platoon in the middle to stop the Panzers from advancing too quickly and sent the HQ to the left to try and mop up the centre Pz-platoon.

On turn 3 I popped my Ambush and drove like a mad man to get flank shots on the Ferdinand. But only one managed to get far enough. But that was enough, that 3+ to hit on the Ferdinand really helps. With the Ferdinand out of action the Churchills all of a sudden had become the ALFA male.

After the Ferdinand blows up. The British left flank has the advantage and starts eating through the german Panzer IV's.

The British reserves like clockwork and by the time the German reserves enter the scene, there is 3 Stuarts, 3 Churchills and a Rifle platoon waiting for them. The Stuarts go for flanking shots killing 2/3 leaving it ti the rifle platoon to assault and kill the lone surviver.

The end.

After the death of the reserve platoon, the germans go after killing as many British units as possible. All the focus is put on the M10's and with all the firepower the germans can muster they vibe out the Tank-destroyers, getting the Germans two kills. In the British turn, then last PzIV within 20cm of an objective is destroyed and the Brits with Major Beaver in charge win a 7-2 victory.

With a Ferdinand lurking in the forrest, a Beaver can never be too careful.

With the final battle won, Major Beavers troops claim 1st place in our 6 player D-day campaign tournament. Thank to all the great players the made it a wonderful day of fighting.

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Red Beaver


  • General Fuchs says:

    Excellent report

  • Leifurs says:

    Good report as always Mr. Beaver. I would have liked to see what would have happened if you hadn’t gotten a hit with that one M10 on the Ferdinand. The question is unansvered: “How to beat Red Beaver’s Churchills”. Commendation from me.

    Nice to see Freddie there at end 😉

  • All American says:

    Good stuff 🙂

  • Stefan Johannsson says:

    Absolutely brilliant report as usual and congratulation for blowing up that Ferdinand, I think this is the only time I’ve seen one in flames. 🙂

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Good report

  • Guderian67 says:

    A very good report, if not entirely up to your usual excellent standard; I know that the rigours of a tournament game can interfere with detailed documenting of the action.