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Loss of hill 112

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VS United States

Monty has had enough of Patton’s show boating and has refused access to hill 112 for American artillery, Britton has some bloody good guns and it does not require American gear to. Of course, we need to give priority to the British forces as their missions require the most need of artillery cover.

British Armored force comprised of mostly Churchill tanks with some arty and armored infantry in ambush.
We have requested air-cover, Tank destroyers and personnel carriers for support.
Intel says that Patton has sent a Tank company with a platoon of 76’s a platoon of 75’s a small platoon of M10’s and were supported with 155 SP’s, M8 scouts, and 3″ AT guns. Of course, the air force was there with 2k bombs. Under command of Lafayette Pool.

In round 1:
US began pushing immediately and opening with everything they had. in the first salvo they destroyed part of the personal carrier group and a few Churchill’s and Stuarts. the air force bombed our tanks with little affect, their arty had the same results!
We replied with an ambush in the trees but scored no hits, even Planes was ineffective with our bombs. reserves were delayed and could not arrive at this time!

round 2:
US kept pushing towards the hill and hitting hard on our tanks. Air-support strafes the arty, but our lads quickly took cover and survived they kept under cover for a while to be sure the arty was over.
We aggressively returned with a hard punch, the armored infantry assaulted the 3″ guns destroying 2 and got their first kills of two 76 tanks. We assaulted the Sherman on the hill that was within contesting range but, we could not kill her and had to break off to cover or risk getting cut down. One 75 was bailed but not destroyed by the Churchill’s

Round 3:
US pushed to the base of the hill with 2 tanks getting on the hill and within 8″ of 1 objective! with this major push on the hill, it saw the demise of most of the remaining British tanks. They even forced the infantry to run for cover on the hill.
We finally received our M10’s and another carrier group on the field. The M10’s attacked the rear of the American 75 armor destroying and bailing out a couple 75’s. unfortunately our infantry was too scared to come out of hiding but our mighty arty did drop another round onto Pools bloody tank with no affect! Is that a Sherman or a TIGER! the armored infantry finished off the last two 3″ Guns.

Round 4:
US 75’s did a hard about and challenged our M10’s head on, while the 155’s took out command Churchill and the 76’s took out the last of the Churchill’s on the hill. My M10’s destroyed their OP tank and tank’s and air force pinned the armored infantry again.
With the loss of main force and the combat ineffectiveness of our support units. Nothing left to challenge, and our troops morale was broke. They have decided to fall back regroup and reinforce to get our hill back!

Round 5:
no challenges

Round 6:
No challenges

Round 7:
US for the win – fighting as an Axis player.

Map built from the Arial photo included.

Hill 112 topo from WW2

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