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When even the terrain is your enemy!

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VS Axis
der Fuchs

The Russians, having put a Panzer division to run in the east, were met with strong and dogged German resistance at St. Lo. I played against two players so no one had to sit out. General Fuchs had a mechanized panzergrenadier formation with several entrenched anti tank guns. His partner, General Kartofelle, was running Panzers backed up by a dastardly Stuka.

My army list was restricted by models but was as follows:
T-34 batallion with an 85mm equipped T-34 and 5 more tanks as well as 5 T-70s.
Lee batallion with a Lee platoon and Stuart Platoon
Small Motorized Infantry Batallion with 2 groups of 10, each with HMG’s
Support was Katyushas and a trio of KV-1 tanks.

The Russians were based at the bottom of the photo, the South. They were in tough from the get go having to traverse a shallow but fast flowing river and a bridge into a heavily occupied town. Two objectives were placed in the North (german) territory of the map. One in between the buildings on the East and one on the far right escarpement.
Russian forced amassed, deployment staggered and backed up in the small area they were allowed. Infantry should have rode tanks ahead but alas.

The battle progressed quickly, KV1's and T-70's taking their armor and machine gun support to bear as a motorized platoon went building to building. The rest of the force went east, looking to secure the wide field but the water barrier and massed German firepower slowed them down, causing the destruction of the entire T-34 group.

Lend Lease tanks were unable to cross and bring formidable back up to bear, the quicker Stuarts darting around and behind a building and ready to progress quickly to secure the objective.
Sometimes, though, luck is brought to bear in the most fruitful ways and encircling Stukas hit hard and hit consistently, wrecking havoc on the lighter tanks. Confusion begun to reign over the beleagured attackers!
The battle came to a head as the full concentration of German armour hit the field. Bogged down tanks and pinned down infantry could do nothing but retreat and face the ultimate sanction: failing the Motherland!

Post match report: The terrain and placement of defending forces combined with the lack of models for a relatively new Russian player to really make this a hard to win battle. Defending forces were too concentrated on this 4x4 table for the Russians to really do anything. I learned a bit about generalship but need to learn how to deploy such a large force properly. Perhaps other generals will be able to help me before I see the wrong end of a Kommissar's pistol.

And there's a good example of how the day felt...

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der Fuchs