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VS Axis
der Fuchs

Game 2 in the evening was another 50pt armor only bout. General Fuchs took a non formation mixture of Panzers that were found to be a detriment. He couldn’t be everywhere at once and one great pack of dice rolls essentially ended the game on it’s own! This was again a Free For All on a 4×4 table with scattered buildings and country terrain. Perfect for T-34’s able to traverse all terrain with ease.

I played a force of T-34’s and T-70’s with Lend Lease Stuarts in support. Against few (yet formidable) opponents numbers mattered and made all the difference in this quick affair.

1 Panzer versus Many? Yes sir.

Russian forces spread out but deceptively, looking to turn the T-70's towards the lone occupied hills and back up the Lend Lease Stuarts. If forces didn't divert they'd get tied down with powerful T-34's. If they did divert, then the Soviet armor could push forward towards identified objectives

In the end the subtle Soviet play played out. German commanders had heard about a fearsome force and seem unnerved, unable to bring any real fire power accurately to bear. You have to know that German generals will take this to note and prepare strong defenses the next time they see red stars coming over a hill.

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