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The Russian Offensive

Schmutziche Panzer
VS Soviet

While the Allies were rushing towards Paris, the Russians launched a major offensive.
Large Russian tanks, rolling forward, past the city of Novapyrah. There were the remains of the SS division “Hohenstaufen.” The Russians had T-34, KV-1s and Anti-Tank cannons.
The task of the SS was to surround the Russians. They had 3 Panzer lV’s (1 HQ), 3 Panzerlll’s and a battery 10.5 howitzers.
The Battery 10.5 Howitsers where concealed in a Forest and started bombing the AT guns. They also protected one of their Objectives. The Panzer- Vl tanks, stood behind rocks, next to the forest, while the other Panzer llls drove around the Guns through the city. The HQ unit stood on a rock, behind the Forest from the 10.5’s
The Russian Tanks came closer and started shooting, but they were too hasty.
They did shoot, all missed and gave the SSers a chance to shoot back. The Panzer llls had meanwhile reached a hill, nearby the Objective they had to take. The Panzers stood on that hill,reached the Russian guns, and started shooting.
Nothing was hit, and they turned and shot back. That had no effect, the Tanks had fought well.
They rolled past the guns and now fired with MG fire. The guns could no longer benefit from their gun shield and were run over.
One Russian team survived and the Germans lost, they rode behind their mounds again. The T-34 had helped the KV-1s tanks destroy the two panzer lVs and turned to protect their remaining gun. The KV-1s tanks took the objective, but the HQ unit started racing to the Objective.
The Russians would have won if they had eliminated the last Panzer IV( HQ). They missed 2 shots, so their objective was contested, but they were too late, and the guns and the T-34 couldn’t stop the Germans from winning by holding their objective.

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