D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign


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Herr Brody and his Panzer Command

Week Five of the Global Campaign found Sergeant Washout and his allied force of 4 Sherman 75’s and 1 Sherman 76 tank looking over their next objective , a distant Bridge crossing over a small river. He knew it would be defended by his Nemesis , Herr Brody and his Panzer force , but just what would be in that force was the question which haunted his nightmares after the Drubbing the Allies received in WEEK 4 when they were “CORNERED” and all but destroyed . Carefully Sergeant Washout surveyed the approaches to the Bridge through his binoculars. To the far Right of the Bridge He could see 2 Panzer IV tanks. To The Left he spotted 2 more Panzer IV tanks. Knowing that the Flanks of the Bridge were Covered , the sergeant guessed that the bridge itself would also be Protected , but he could not see the PANTHER concealed on the far bank of the River Protected from sight by the Bridge itself , and waiting for anything that might try to “SIEZE THE BRIDGE.” — Suddenly the Panzer IV’s started to redeploy toward the approaches to the Bridge and the Sherman force, assuming that they had been spotted took after them. The Sherman force split into 3 sections for redeployment. The First section , a Sherman 76 and a Sherman 75, moved around the Tree Line to position itself on the left Flank of the Bridge while 2 more Sherman 75’s moved Straight Up the Middle in hopes of cutting of the redeploying Panzers . The Last Sherman 75 went on a Scouting mission far to the Right flank looking for a backdoor to get into an Ambush position . No one in the allied force saw the PANTHER TANK move slowly from its cover on the far side of the river to a position near the Left of the Bridge. Perfect ,its commander thought , a perfect shot at the on coming Sherman 76 ! — “FIRE !” and the sound of Panthers Gun broke the quiet of the French country side. The Sherman 76 was HIT and Its “Crew Stunned !” — The Sherman 75 , companion to the 76 , spotted the Panther and returned Fire but although it hit the PANTHER 3 times the Shots just Bounced Off ! – The Center force of 2 Sherman75’s were out of position to spot the PANTHER but did Fire on the redeploying Panzer IV’s which were nearing the approached to the Bridge. Only 1 Panzer IV is in clear shooting range so both the Sherman 75’s fire on it. That Panzer is HIT twice but the Damage only slows it down somewhat. The lone Sherman 75 that went on the flanking maneuver heard the Battle and was able to SPOT the PANTHER TANK at long range. It took its Shot and this time the shots did NOT BOUNCE OFF. “BLAM , BLAM !” 2 hit shook the Panther ! The “STUNNED CREW” of the Sherman 76 regained their composure and Loading their Gun , Open Fire on the PANTHER ! — “BLAM , BLAM !” The PANTHER is Smoking but still in the Fight and Dangerous. — The Panzer IV’s swing their turrets into action opening fire on the ATTACKING SHERMANS but they must have been in to much of a hurry to get that perfect shot because All the Panzer IV tanks shots either went wide of their marks of just Bounce off the Sherman’s hulls. —- The Panzer Force and Its Panther Tank decided to make a hasty “BLITZ” move to better Protected Positions as the Shermans were set to Move in and RUSH the Bridge and the next phase of the Battle came on. — ” HOLD POSITIONS.” Sergeant Washout ordered the Sherman Crews . “”FIRE AT LONG RANGE , REDUCE THEIR STRENGHT !” — The Panzer force , Now Bundled into a Defensive posture around the Southern Approach to the Bridge braced for the Attack . The Badly damaged Panther moved slowly to a position on the Northern Flank of the Bridge which would protect it from view of the Main Sherman force and also Place it in Perfect position to Fire on the Lone M-4 which was still trying to Flank the Bridge from the Right . “CRACK !” the Panther Fired but the Shot Missed ! — The Sherman’s Now Opened Fire on the Panzer IV’s holding Position around the Southern Approach of the Bridge and In TURN the Panzers fire Back. – Shots and Hits and Bounces and Misses and Smoke and Confusion with Sherman and Panzer alike being Damaged and Bailed Out on the Field of Battle with Some of Each Side Exploded the Battle slows as each side LOOKS to redeploy and regroup for a FINAL ASSAULT to ” SEIZE THE BRIDGE .” — The PANTHER , still hidden from view from the Main Sherman force once again take aim at the Flanking M-4 and this time its shots do Critical damage . The M-4 has DAMAGED EQUIPMENT , JAMMED TURRET and more Importantly , Its Crew BAILED OUT ! This tank is , unless repaired , Effectively Out of Action . What remains on the Battlefield is now down to a Allied Force of 3 Badly Damaged Sherman 75 Tanks , A Sherman 76 and a Sherman 75 having Been Destroyed in the last Go Around along with Most of the Panzer IV’s leaving Only 1 Slightly Damaged Panzer IV to Hold the Guard position on the Southern Approach to the Bridge and The Barely Moving , but Still dangerous PANTHER TANK on the Opposite side of the River Still Holding the Bridge from the Allied Advance. The Panzer Cannot Move Out of its Guard Position or the Shermans will RUSH to Bridge and Take Control . The Shermans Know they MUST Destroy this LAST PANZER to Win the BRIDGE for the ALLIES and with the ODDS in their Favor they get Ready to Fire — BUT they Forgot about the PANTHER which slowly , carefully , moved from its Position on right Flank of the Bridge to the South Flank and Found a Sherman Tank completely UNPERPARED for what was about to come. — With ” 5 DAMAGE POINTS” already taken to its Hull and Turret the Panther knew There was Little chance of Holding on to the Bridge unless Its LAST SHOT could hit the mark . With careful Aim ( I WAS TOTALY AMAZED ! ) Herr Brody shot with his PANTHER ( 4 HITS & 1 CRITICAL ) into the Sherman which was Unable to DEFLECT any of the Shots and “BREWED UP !” — The Last Sherman which was still able to Fire , the other having a BAILED OUT CREW , could not get a Hit On the Defending Panzer VI and what should have been a VICTORY for the ALLIES turned into another Defeat . The German Force had Defended the BRIDGE and defeated the ALLIES once again . ON THE LAST ( ROLL of the DICE ) SHOT !

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Herr Brody and his Panzer Command


  • Ruchey says:

    Definitely gotta try some tanks soon!

  • Sgt.Washout says:

    General Fuchs – I’m still learning the correct way to post a BATTLE REPORT. Example , when I try to UPLOAD AN ARMY LIST- Nothing Happens ? – I am Not Computer Literate – That Time Passed Me BY – Yet , for the Upcoming week 6 I shall take your Advice and TRY to figure out just how Thing are done properly – and what KEY to Push to make things right , LOL . Thank You for your comment.

  • Leifurs says:

    It seems you had a good fight. Always good to see the axis win 🙂

  • General Fuchs says:

    That wall of text is intimidating. Maybe break it up with paragraphs and intersperse pictures to make it more readable.

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    tough fight