D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

Week 6 - Global Campaign - Battle of the SEINE RIVER ---"TANKS"

United States
VS Axis
Herr Brody and His Panzer Force

Sergeant Washout called his tank crews together for a last minute briefing. He told them that they had been through a lot these past few weeks. He said that they had “HIT the BEACH ” 5 weeks ago , then they faced “DEATH in the BOCAGE” and that Normandy terrain. He asked them to Remember how the Tanks were turned into “SCRAP METAL’ as they battled through the minefields and bocage 3 weeks ago only to be “CORNERED” and nearly destroyed after that. He asked them to think about how they Had to “SIEZE the BRIDGE” and the Victory that was Not to be. Now, He said , ONE MORE . He told them that orders had come down from High Command to move out and prepare to do “BATTLE for the SEINE RIVER !” —— The Intelligence report stated that they would be facing their old Enemy “Herr Brody and his Panzer Force.” The Force , it was reported , held a mixture of 2 PANTHER TANKS , 1 TIGER TANK and Its Escort a PANZER III Plus 4 PANZER IV’s . These Tanks and Crews had experienced HEROS and the Tanks were reported to be UPGRADED . Herr Brody had prepared them well , this would be a Tough Fight indeed. —– Sergeant Washout could tell that his crews were feeling low after last weeks battle when they failed to “SEIZE the BRIDGE” but he assured them that THEY would also Field a Force Equal to OR Better than that of Herr Brody. He told them that Besides the 4 SHERMAN 75’s and the 2 SHERMAN 76’s that there would also be an Extra Sherman 75 and although an EARLY MODEL it could still pack a punch . Then The SARGE told them the Big Surprise . There would be a NEW MODEL PERSHING TANK and He would command it and take care of that TIGER and those PANTHERS if need be. He also reminded his people that They were also HEROS and that we Had the BEST CREWS in this theater . So , GET TO YOUR TANKS AND LETS TAKE THAT RIVER ! —- The Americans would attack and as usual the Germans would defend but this time something very UNUSUAL happened that Sergeant Washout did not expect to see. This time Instead of Deploying into Defensive Positions as Herr Brody had done in the past , He MOVED his Entire Panzer Force forward toward the Objective , a Bridge in the Center of the Battlefield ! He Fielded 2 Panther Tanks to the East of the Bridge , Kept Himself and his TIGER TANK with Panzer III escort In the Center and Place His 4 Panzer IV’s to the West . He wasn’t DEFENDING , he was ATTACKING ! —– The American force had deployed with 2 Sherman 76’s and a Sherman 75 as back up , on the Eastern Flank. The Center Force held the PERSHING with its Early Sherman 75 and on the Western Flank stood the remaining platoon of 3 Sherman 75’s. This would have been a Good American Deployment “IF” Herr Brody had followed his normal defensive moves but this was different and caught the AMERICAN completely Out of Position ! —— ” CRACK !” the sound of a Panthers Gun pierced the Air and misses the Sherman on the western flank . The Battle HAS BEGUN ! The Pershing , “Loaded with the Most Experienced CREW ” fires on the Panther and to everyone’s surprise it also misses. The second Panther tank fires on the Pershing hoping to knock it out early , but Its shot also goes wide. Sargent Washout now gives Orders for all remaining Sherman’s , that can get a Shot , to shoot at the TIGER TANK before it can reach the Bridge and the Objective. The Sarge watched in amazement as all Five Shermans Open fire on the TIGER and only scored ONE small Hit ! –“Ya gotta do better than that ! ” The Sergeants Voice came over the Radio . “Next time Calm down and Take Aim !” — The Americans Braced for the Return fire of the TIGER and the Panzer IV’S and it wouldn’t be long in coming . ALL the Panzer IV’s fire on the Pershing , the TIGER is holding its fire to see what would happen first before committing. SHOTS RANG OUT , SHELL BOUNCED AND MISSED and like the Shermans Fire in this First and Second Round , No Damage was Done to The Pershing . The TIGER Tanks SHOT was also Ineffective. This First and Second ROUND ended with the American totally Out of Position and The German Force POISED to TAKE control of the Bridge and the Objective. —– The American Force knew It could now NOT reach the Bridge before the Germans took control . They could only watch as the Panzers now moved to Take Up Defensive Position around the TIGER TANK and Its Escort as it took Control of the Objective ( 1 POINT ) The American needed badly to maneuver and regroup if they hoped to Fight off this Unexpected Attack by “Herr Brody.” — The PANTHER TANKS were still Firing at the Pershing , knowing that It was the Strongest Tank in the American Force, but once again both Shot Missed or Bounced Off. The Americans knew that the Orders to Knock out that TIGER TANK had not changed and After the Pershing Fired , and this time Put TWO Damaging Hits on that TIGER , the Sherman force , Ignoring Easier targets , Opened up on the TIGER ! The Shermans do manage to score a Few Minor hits on the TIGER and Its Protecting Panzer IV and Panzer III but not enough to Destroy them or MOVE THEM OFF THE BRIDGE AND THE OBJECTIVE ! The Panzer Now return fire from their Defensive positions and once again do little or no damage to the Americans . —— As turn three Started It looks like “Herr Brody ” is now in Position to Hold the Objective for another GO AROUND . It Is a Desperate Gun Duel Between Pershing and Panthers as they exchange fire on one another. The Shermans Join in on this Shooting Match against the Panthers thinking that it would be best to Destroy the Panther Tanks First , THEN “REALIZED” by NOT Concentrating their Fire on the TIGER TANK and Its Flanking Protection , The GERMANS WOULD HOLD THE OBJECTIVE for another Day ( POINT) as the Battle continued ! The Shermans do manage to take out the TIGERS ESCORT Tank , a Panzer III , which was guarding the TIGERS Western Flank and doing More damage to the Panthers but Now also Found themselves Under Fire from the Eastern Flank of 2 PANZER IV’S which had moved Up into Position to guard the Eastern approached to the Objective. They Fire on the Sherman Force and score a few Minor Hits . This Phase of the Battle Ends with the German force now Holding for Day 2 ( POINTS ) —— The German Force NOW HOLDS FAST – The Americans Move to secure the Southern End of the Objective which NULLIFIES their Control . The Panthers Now seeing that their Position was in JEOPARDY take careful aim on the Damaged Pershing and Fire – Causing the AMMO to Explode but the Pershing is Not Destroyed because of its Heroic Crewmembers and IT returns fire on the PANTHER and with a LUCKY CRITICAL HIT , the Panther is destroyed .The Next Panther in Line Sees the Smoking Pershing and tries to Knock it Out But Misses an easy KILL SHOT ! —- Now , with Maneuver and Deadly Fire Power , the Sherman Force Fires on the Bridge Objective defenders. The TIGER TANK with its Flank now exposed takes Hit after Hit As the Sherman continue to PUMMEL the TIGER until it Finally BLOW UP ! The Objective is now being contested by Only a Panzer IV and Its 3 Supporting Panzer IV’s The American Side as Day 4 comes to and End can Still Field 1 Damaged Pershing , 1 Sherman 76 , 2 Sherman 75’s and The Hero of the Game , a EARLY SHERMAN M-4 which for the most part just kept out of the main Battle using its Shots to PICK OFF damaged Panzers , To GREAT EFFECT ! As the Last of the Battle Begins the AMERICANS know that the Germans cannot Relinquish their Position Over the Contested Objective , that they Must rely On their Shooting Skills to Defeat the Attacking American Force, AFTER ALL , THER ONLY NEED 1 POINT TO SECURE VICTORY ! The Americans Know that They Can MOVE AND SHOOT FIRST and Hope to DESTROY the Defending PANZERS ! — The Field is Set . The Last “BATTLE for the SEINE RIVER” is ON ! —- The Old DAMAGED Pershing Fires First and knocks out a Panzer IV that had been previously damaged , the German force is now down to 3 Panzers. The Shermans OPEN fire Destroying 2 More Panzers But with Their LAST amount of Courage the Panzer Crews Return Fire and although they do Damage The Sherman Force , none are Destroyed . The BATTLEFIELD now holds ONE Damaged PANZER IV which is still in a position to contest the Objective “AND” the “EARLY MODEL M-4 SHERMAN ” that now takes AIM — “BLAM, BLAM , BLAM !” — the Panzer IV is Destroyed ! — “BATTLE of the SEINE RIVER” is Over . The AMERICANS GAIN THE VICTORY because although “Herr Brody and His PANZER Force” was able to TAKE and HOLD the Objective for 2 POINTS They LOST OUT on MANEUVER and the AMERICANS were Able to PICK AND CHOOSE Their Shots . SERGEANT WASHOUT and His TANK CREWS are Going OFF on Some well Deserved ” R&R !”

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United States


  • Sgt.Washout says:

    OBERST NAGTEN — THANK YOU ! I knew that there MUST be a away to make a PROPER REPORT but was unable to find any Instructional Guidance or any other information on just WHAT or HOW to do it. I am Hoping to make a PROPER Report the Next Time we do a CAMPAIGN. Once again I really do appreciate your HELP AND INFORMATION — Thanks , Mark Schmidt

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Sgt Washout: if you file another report, put in the basics (names and score, who won) and then, without doing anything else, go to the bottom of the web page where you currently hit publish and hit the ‘Add more’ button. This will bring up another dialogue box which has ‘TEXT,’ ‘TITLE’ ‘IMAGE’ ‘GALLERY’ ‘YOU TUBE’ buttons.

    When you hit one of these buttons, a box pops up (sometimes, as in YOU TUBE, just a narrow window).
    You can copy text from a word processing document into the TEXT and TITLE boxes, and into the CAPTION box that appears below the big box in IMAGE. Or you can just type in. The YOU TUBE box just needs you to copy a URL from YOU TUBE. IMAGE and GALLERY large box work the same way, like the box you are using to bring up your pictures on the FIRST screen; click in the box and a dialogue opens up asking you for a file name and usually displaying the contents of your PICTURES folder on the computer you registered from. Select one picture for IMAGE or multiples for GALLERY

    If you follow that by playing with this report, you’ll be set for next campaign. This was frustrating for me in Red Thunder, but I had a lot of help getting (more or less) proficient.

  • Ruchey says:

    Great detail!

  • Sgt.Washout says:

    General Fuchs , No matter what I did I was unable to Post in Paragraph form . I Know that it’s wall of Text — but I could not find out how to change it to paragraphs .There must be away but I can’t find it.

  • General Fuchs says:

    That is quite the wall of text. Nice pictures.