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Si près!

United States
Alex M
VS Axis

Mon Colonel,

The Boche have made Cherbourg quite the trying time for us. We attack, we win, they defend and hold. Once again the brave sons of La Patrie entered into the fray. Alas, was not to be at this battle. The Boche may be pigs, but they have courage I will give them that.

Allied Turn 1

Our mission was to breach the line the Boche had declared a NO RETREAT zone. I amassed my 75mm tanks on my right , emplacing my artillery center and my reconaiassance on the left. I kept a reserve of Ivory X trained flak, 76mm Shermans, and attached American veteran infantry in reserve. My Fires were registered on the near objective, and gave the Boche pause about where to deploy. We advanced swiftly, suppressing the infantry with artillery and machine gun fire while a called in airstrike destroyed a German AT gun.

Boche Turn 1

The Boche commander unmasked an ambush of 4 Pak40 AT Guns on my left, while simultaneously engaging at range with Pak 40s to my front. I unfortunately had to leave the field and evacuate General Leclerc as our tanks were shot out from under us. The Pak40 gunners knew their craft, eliminating 2 more tanks in my platoon. He also moved his Puma patrols forward, attempting to hunt my artillery.

Allied Turn 2

With the objective near to our grasp, my platoon charged in to assault the German infantry. However, their machine guns were jamming due to excessive use, and the Boche were able to mount a counterattack and successfully drove off the assault. I will pray for those brave men in the cathedral at Strasbourg. I deployed my 76mm platoon on my left, hammering the flank Pak40s with artillery fire as they advanced and destroyed. 2 of them as well as the lurking Puma patrol

Boche Turn 2

The Boche commander maneuvered his remaining Puma patrol forward towards my artillery in the woods. He also engaged my tanks with Pak40s, destroying 3. I now had two tanks remaining on the field. Things were becoming dire.

Allied Turn 3

With only a single section of tanks left, I attempted to switch my main effort to the newly arrived American infantry. They attempted to eliminate the Puma patrol but failed. On my left flank, my tanks eliminated the flak traks of the enemy before grinding the final pak40 under their treads. The artillery continued to soften up the enemy infantry for a renewed assault to come.

Boche Turn 3

The Boche got reserves of a Aufklarungs platoon which he moved forward to support his beleaguered infantry. On the right, his pumas hammered my infantry with machine gun fire, causing nearly 50% casualties. The aufklarungs finished the rest. I will also pray for those brave Americans in Strasbourg.

Allied Turn 4

Rapidly running out of options, I moved my tank section forward and engaged the enemy infantry with machine guns, suppressing them along with artillery. I heard the enemy lost 2 stands worth of casualties.

Boche Turn 4

The Germans brought up a battery of 6 Wespe, and the lone Puma patrol attacked my Priests, eliminating one and bailing another. His infantry moved to support the pinned platoon, knowing my tank section would be going for broke soon.

Allied Turn 5

My tank section moved into assault position, artillery fire lifting off to suppress further east of their position. My priests, having recovered from the shock of being attacked by armored cars, skillfully maneuvered and vaporized them in direct fire. My tanks launched their assault, and due to luck managed to eliminate the enemy platoon.

Boche Turn 5

The Boche, having husbanded his forces, launched an assault on my lone tank section. With no tanks left, I reluctantly ordered a withdrawal. Though we failed, I console myself that the Germans paid a bloody price to hold that ground. I now reconsolidate my units and await orders.

We shall prevail! Though we are bloodied, we are far from beaten! Vive La France et General Leclerc!

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