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No one expects the 6th Fallshirmyeager!

VS British

So I’m back here at Caen, this time defending. The previous battles made it clear that the list needed some tooling toward fighting effectively in piece-meal. 1 FJ platoon on the field at a time wasn’t getting the job done, even with support. This list packed 3 Fallshirmyeager pltns, the 3rd, a “short” pltn, lacking HMGs. As an aside I’d like to give a nod to my last opponent who defended Caen in this same scenario. The insight proved invaluable in working the list and deployment: since the format is being a little ****, and not taking my methods of uploading here’s my list :


Set up/deployment: Chris, I know, is bringing it: plenty of tanks, infantry and priests. Against that I’ll have just 60% of my force: I chose 2 pltns of FJ, 1 is the “short” pltn, 8cm mortars and a pair of 7.5s. I’m nervous as to get the 3r FJ pltn, I dropped the FJ stugs. This leaves a full FJ pltn, pumas, HQ, and 2 10.5 arty guns in reserve. This scenario allows for 2 main venues of attack. A direct attack from the front and as the name implies, a flank attack to the Defender’s right flank. As much a the bocage and terrain might hinder a frontal advance, a Wiley commander might be inclined to utilize the bocage and terrain as cover and tool to advance. I use the mine fields to hopefully funnel any frontal advance and place my arty ranged in markers in( at least to me) the most desirable positions an attack would like to advance from. I’m hoping this either encourages Chris to opt for the flank, or at least, by being funneled, but me some time. I’m sure it’s no surprise I‘be opted for the short table edge with the nice high vantage points. My observer goes right on the roof of the hotel. Toward the front, I place the 8cm mortars in the church, taking advantage of the bulletproof cover. I place third platoon, The short platoon (blue bordered) near the forward right “ Corner) of my deployment zone. First FJ platoon gets deployed more toward the center and one of the bombed out buildings (bordered in gold). My pair of 7.5‘s Antitank guns, I hold in ambush.
Chris Chooses to Commit to the flank attack, thankfully. Although, I must admit seeing an entire British tank company plunked down is enough to give even the most confident commander agita. I knew that one of my platoons would need to be a sacrificial lamb, third platoon would provide that necessary speed bump if all worked well.

Top of the 1st, Brits up to bat: to no one surprise, Chris utilized recon to spearhead his deployment. His movement began with his Stewart platoon moving up along the edge of the long table edge that makes up the back border of my deployment area toward the side of the factory at the edge of town.His infantry advance into the woods next to the Stuarts. Chris’ 2 Sherman platoons, and HQ make a general advance, followed by his 4 strong m10 Achilles in support. Again to no surprise, Chris resights his arty from a copse of trees, into the FJ 3rd platoon. A 12 stand strong Fearless vet with AT assets dug in and prepared is simply too large a barrier to ignore. Movement done, Chris begins the plastering of FJ 3rd platoon. Arty and massed mg and Main gun fire, overwhelmingly pin the FJ pltn down, but thanks to the foxholes leave the pltn mostly intact.

Bottom of the 1st, German at Bat: 3rd FJ unpins, but I simply keep their heads down. His tanks aren’t close enough yet. I use my observer to resight the 8 cm mortars onto the infantry inthe woods, …with immediate success! I then opt to pop the 7.5s from ambush, as Chris is already very close and I suspect I may not get another chance if Chris’ Brits get aggressive. They ambush exactly out of the spot Chris originally had sighted his arty. 1st FJ pltn’s HMG jostle position a bit on the top floor to get a better sighting on the infantry. They can’t be sighted yet, but we have a good idea of where they are going to. 1st at bat turns out to be a mixed bag . The 7.5’s completely wiff, not a single hit, …cautious and the range telling. The 8cm mortar pltn brings a bombardment on the entire Brit infantry platoon, but Chris makes most of his saves. Net score for turn 1 Chris and I exchange a single infantry team

Top of the 2nd: Brits at bat: Chris fails to unpin his infantry. But continues his advance. The plastering of 3rd FJ continues. This time losing 2 teams to the combination of the repeat bombardment, mg, 50 cal, and main gun fire, but still a long way from forcing any tests.

Bottom of the 2nd, German at bat: 3rd FJ unpins and stays tucked into their foxholes. The 7.5s improve their aim this round and take out a firefly. My repeat bombardment hits the Brit infantry squarely but no kills.
Turn 2 net result : 1 Brit tank for 2 German FJ stands

Top of the 3rd, Brits at bat: Chris unpins his infantry and quickly moves his troops out from under my bombardment and into position for assault. His Stuart’s move up and also add their mg’s to the mass of fire power pouring into the FJ 3rd pltn. I lose 3 more FJ stands from 3rd pltn and again pinned down. Chris assaults with his infantry, but with defensive fire from the pinned down 3rd, and assistance from the unaffected 1st ( specifically their 2 HMG) and the pair of 7.5s, the Brit infantry assault is suppressed and thrown back, killing 1 team in the process.

Bottom of turn 3, German at bat: say what you want, a little bit of Lady Luck never hurts. 3rd pltn rallies to unpin. They would move into the woods to join the 7.5s. Next, I successfully roll for reserves on the first roll! So in come FJ 2nd platn( boarded red) fully loaded. Frankly, I don’t think I have ever made the reserve roll on the first try.I utilize the full 16 “ of the reserve deployment and utilize a blitz to get them close to the factory to take a defensive position there. The 8 cm pltn has no targets, but sits tight on top of the one objective in the church. Meanwhile FJ 1st pltn opens up on the Brit infantry stuck out I the open(remember those 2 HMGs) killing 3 more stands, leaving a single stand of infantry.

Top of the 4th, Brits at Bat: The Brit infantry makes its last stand test. Chris moves his Sherman’s his HQ and his Stuart’s move in on the FJ 3rd pltn, intending to pin them down and assault before they can dig in next round. They pin the FJ down, but now have the asistence of the the 7.5s in defensive fire, bailing 1. The Stuart’s kill one FJ, the FJ rally and counter attack with no casualties. However, the Stuart’s fail their leadership and fall back, leaving the bailed Stuart to its fate.Next his Hq shoots and assualts, knocking out one of the 7.5 AT guns. But again between the combined defensive fire of the FJ and the 7.5, a tank is bailed, and the Brit hq is fails to rally and forced to fall back, leaving another tank to be destroyed.

Bottom of the 4th, Germans at bat: FJ 3rd platoon is anemic, but makes its rally to unpin, the 7.5 makes its last stand, and my 2nd reserve roll brings in my pumas! They promptly roll up the seams sis following the FJ 2nd pltn up to the factory with a blitz move, giving the side shots on the Stuart’s. 2 pltn, meanwhile, blitz’s into the red factory to take up a strong defensive position inside the factory. 3rd pltn digs in. The 8cm mortars range in on the Brit m10’s bailing 1. Panzerfoust teams from 2nd FJ fire and miss. Chris launches more assaults against the remenents of 3rd platoon and the remaining 7.5 AT gun for minimal success. While dislodging 3rd platoon, and forcing it to fall back from the woods. The stubborn 7.5 survives more assaults, chris loses more tanks and is forced to local back leaving bailed out tanks to be destroyed by this vengeful 7.5 gun team.
In the end Chris concedes defeat, having destroyed no platoons, and losing 1.

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  • General Fuchs says:

    Good report. Pics?

  • Leifurs says:

    I like the detailed report, but it is difficult to understand without any photos. Once I had problems with photos that vanished from my report. The reason was the filename had accents. Then I renamed them everything was OK. All American wrote a fine article on how to write battle reports. I suggest you read it. It is best to fill in the mandatory information and then go straight to “add more”.

  • Alyksandyr says:

    You need to change to the “Add More Content”. This much detail deserves a great rating. The first few times you log a battle report can be tricky to learn how the interface works.

  • Chris Proofley says:

    more pics

  • Steeler17 says:

    I uploaded pics, …what happened to them? I have no idea. I’ve uploaded pics to all my report, yet they are not showing, nor showing in order, or showing sideways.

  • Guderian67 says:

    A bit of a tough slog without pictures to break it up, but a good report. Congrats on the win.

  • Ruchey says:

    Pictures would be a great aid, but good report nonetheless.