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Stefan Johannsson
VS Axis


My plan was to have a lot of infantry, some tanks and as many priests as I could because of their brutal gun. Krilli choose Recce company, because it's low cost, quantity of guns and mobility.


Krilli deployed the fortifications in a cluster around one objective, the MG bunkers 40cm away from the sea wall and then set the infantry to guard the other objective. His 88's where positioned further back to protect the infantry and knock out every armoured team that dared approaching.

My plan was to get my priests as soon into position as possible to start knocking out the fortifications on the beach. Along came the mortars and infantry that was supposed to get to the seawall and into cover where it would stay until round nine or ten. By then it was supposed to jump into action.


I had troubles with getting my men on to the beach. The landing crafts couldn't approach the beach and the men were seasick. But when on the beach they were effective. My first platoon of priest knocked out one of the deadly 88 bunker right away while the mortars started digging up the German infantry.

As the battle raged on I slowly managed to get all my troops on land and move them to the safety off the seawall. My priests blowing up the MG nests one by one and my mortars teasing Krilli's infantry by artillery shelling. Krilli was not in good position to do me much of a harm but kept me behind the seawall all the time.

On round 10 I thought I couldn't wait any longer, moved my infantry over the seawall and took my chances against the reminders of his infantry holding one of the objectives and assaulted. That payed off and I got hold of the objective. At the same time I pushed forward with Priest's, Sherman's and infantry towards the other objective. That objective was better protected and I barely missed getting hold of it before the end of turn 12. Therefore only minor victory for my Brits.

From boats to beach
Moving up the beach to the safety of the seawall
Defences on shore

After the battle

The Priests, as it turns out, are absolutely ideal in the role of assault guns to take out fortifications. 2+ save and reroll on successful firepower is a tough, but 2+ firepower and Brutal is just the tool for the job.

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