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Stefan Johannsson
VS Axis


With the Campaign going in to the last half, we decided to have a little tournament in our local store NEXUS-Reykjavik. They kindly opened up early so we could get 3 full games in on a Sunday with our club Burning Bridges.

Armies - British

HQ - 2x Sherman
Tank Plt. - 2x Sherman + 1x Firefly
Tank Plt. - 2x Sherman + 1x Firefly
Recce Patrol - 3x Stuart
Anti-tank Plt. - 4x M10 (17 pdr.)
Artillery - 4x Priest
Tank Plt. - 3x Churchill
Rifle Plt. - 7x Bren Gun & SMLE + 1x PIAT + 1x Mortar
Command Card - Lucky

ARMIES - Germans

HQ - 2x SMG
Panzergren. Plt. - 7x MG42 (with Panzerfaust) + 2x Panzerschreck
Panzergren. Plt. - 7x MG42 (with Panzerfaust) + 2x Panzerschreck
Mortar Plt. - 2x 8cm mortar
Armoured 7.5cm Gun Plt. - 6x Sd Kfz 251 (7.5cm)
HMG Plt. - 2x HMG
Tank-hunter Plt. - 4x Jagdpanzer IV
Scout Troop - 2x Sd Kfz 250/9 (2cm) + 1x Sd Kfz 250 (MG)
Artillery - 3x Wespe
Tank Plt. - 2x Tiger
Command Cards - Lucky, Own Goal and 116th Panzer Div. Greyhound


The battlefield

Krilli put one of his infantry plt. defending the objective in his deployment zone, his second infantry plt. ready to move over to the other objective. He held his dreadful Sd Kfz 250 (7.5cm) half-tracks in ambush. His wespe artillery was hiding behind some bocage. In reserve where the Tigers and Jagdpanzers.

I put my tanks ready to move towards the center objective with the option to move further and maybe jump on the objective further away. My artillery was carefully located so they had as much overview as possible ready to start bombardments on the objective closer to me. I had my infantry in reserves.


For me turn one started well. I advanced my force, began teasing the German infantry on the objective closer to me with some bombardment and managed to kill off all the wespes with combined effort of Stuarts and Shermans. The Germans got their Jagdpanzer's from reserve and put them into position to hurt my tanks.

No more Wespe
If you look closely you can see Jagdpanzers in the distance.

Turn two saw the arrival of the Tigers. The Stummels ambushed and knocked out most of my M10's while the Jagdpanzers moved closer.

Ambush = Problems!!
It took combined effort of most of my tanks and two more turns to get rid of the Stummels.

Getting rid of the Stummels took to long and I was getting pressed to get closer to the objectives which was difficult because of the Tigers where getting closer. I had one lucky shot which destroyed one of Krilli's Tigers but the other one wasn't ready to give up and passed all last stand test.

The Tiger and the infantry coming from the other objective to help, cleared every team I had within 20 cm from objective and the game was lost.

After the battle

I don't think I did anything very wrong when playing this game, Krilli on the other hand played well... except for when he forgot my Firefly and I got his Tiger from a long range.

Thanks Krilli for a good game with lots of laughter and fun.

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  • General Fuchs says:

    Good report. Good idea Ruchey!

  • Chris Proofley says:

    Brilliant report!

  • Stefan Johannsson says:

    The thing was I had to scramble all my Shermans across the table so they could fire at the Stummels along with the M10’s. Meanwhile the Stummels ate my M10’s. Stummels have AT=9 and ROF=2 so they are fearful. When you get six of them right infront of your precious M10’s you panic… there’s no other way to descripe it. 🙂

  • Leifurs says:

    Nice report Stefan. Looking at the pictures it seems to me the Stummels should not be that hard to kill out in the open. Do you remember why you had problem or were you just unlucky?

    I clearly have to get me some Stummels. I have ordered them from the factory 😉

  • Stefan Johannsson says:

    You should do that Ruchey, come to Iceland and play. We have an open tournament in january 25th 2020 called Polar Bear. It’s open for everyone interested.

  • Ruchey says:

    Iceland is fairly cheap to fly to from Canada. I should pack my army some day and visit!

  • Red Beaver says:

    Good report Stefan.