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Utah Beach Landing through Jerry’s eyes

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VS United States
Chris Proofley

My Fortress Europe Grenadiers awaited Chris‘ Boat Section in my specially made beach table. We had played that Szenario two times before and were determined to do it properly this time. With only 30 pts. on the table I had some Grenadiers and a mortar platoon, fortunately there were a 88-bunker, a 5cm-bunker, two Tobruk-pits and some minefields and barbed wire obstacles to back up the Defence. The preliminary bombardment hit the mortars and the Gren-platoon pretty good, luckily the second Green-platoon and the Stugs showed up rapidly and moved up to the wheat fields. Decisive were a bloody close quarters battle in the wheat field were the Greens fought the GIs back (Chris disbanded the unit afterwards, which released some pressure). So real Vet-Grens are worth their points. Even more decisive was, that three concealed and manouvering Stugs were able to stop two Sherman platoons – because they were Vets, they passed their Tactics checks and because they were fearless, they remounted reliably. The bunkers were finally busted, but it took Chris too long, so finally time ran out.

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