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This was a small game that myself and my son played over the weekend, more than anything to get out our platoons of TANKS and get some games in. I set up the mission and we positioned our units.

Oliver placed his Panthers by the lee of the hill and was clearly trying to stop me from coming around the blindside of the house! His Panzer IV and Puma both set up on my Right Flank in an effort to push around and pincer my forces coming off the beach.

As this was a custom battle of the tanks arriving on the beach and his Kampfgruppe trying to stop them taking the small village, I set all my Sherman 75mm and 76mm on the left pushing up the one draw off the beach. This I hoped would force him to pull extra moves to come across the board, but give me enough time to get into his flanks.

By the end of the 2nd turn, all of the Germans were still standing, though with several damage tokens. The Panzer IV was desperately trying to repair a broken track, whilst the US had taken a battering. My Sherman 75mm was a smoking wreck and his buddy was stuck in a shoot out with the Puma on the left.

We ended the grudge match with a stunning critical shot that caused the Puma 3 damage and ended it’s life. By Turn 4 I had managed a flank shot into the Panthers with my 76mm Sherman and left them smoking ruins, whilst my sole remaining 75mm scored a kill shot on the other Panther.

Turn 5 bought victory as the combined weight of the Allied forces, forced the Panzer IV into a corner of the board where he was destroyed with impunity.

A great game that we took our time over with some very precise movements to ensure we got some great action going on.

Oliver assures me he will be bringing a Tiger to the battle next time, whilst I need to get some M10’s painted up to resist!

Stunning Win for the USA!

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United States


  • James Westerfield says:

    Vini, Vidi, Vinci

  • All American says:

    Are they jpeg format? They should then show to us all.

    Would make a difference, the writing is good and pictures would bring it up in quality.

    But thank you for the win 🙂

  • vapian says:

    Yeah I did upload some photos to illustrate things, but they don’t seem to have loaded even though on my edit page they are showing…

    I will have to look at re-editing them!

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    nice battle pictures would be helpful