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Lafayette Pool goes big cat hunting

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Casey and I decided to have a TANKS! Battle with this weeks mission, Hit The Beach. It’s been a while since either of us have played Tanks, so it was good to shake off the cobwebs.

I used my Americans I’ve been working on for FOW, and Casey dug out some German big cats he had done a while ago.

76mm Sherman w/ Lafayette Pool – 33pts
76mm Sherman – 25pts
76mm Sherman – 25pts
M10 with Seek, Strike, Destroy – 17pts
Total – 100pts

Panther w/ Clever Hans – 34pts
Tiger I – 33pts
Tiger I – 33pts
Total – 100pts


We used the standard rules for terrain, but swapped them for 3D items. I knew I'd have to push for the objective so deployed with moving in mind. Casey very german-ly deployed in a defensive position behind the cover of the buildings.


Lafayette Pool and 'Bataan' drive to try and outflank the huns early.

I moved Pool and his wingman around the forest on the right flank, and the M10 the opposite way, leaving one Sherman behind to get a stationary shot.

Turn 1 movement.

Casey stayed put, which worked well for him as in the shooting phase he was able to put 2 damage on my M10, and destroy the stationary Sherman!

Every Sherman has a plan until it gets a Tiger round through its hull...

With its final fury it managed to get 2 damage on the Tiger; a parting gift.

After shooting the M10 used its cautious move to get out of sight behind the forest, and Casey Blitz to new positions.

End of Turn 1.


Turn 2 movement.

My remaining two Shermans continued to head around the right flank, while the M10 popped out to get a shot. The German tanks moved slowly both to get good shots and to bolster their defensive dice.

The Germans see the Yanks coming.

Shells started flying, and Pool got used his ability to get a nasty critical hit on a Tiger, Ammo Explosion (3 damage). Casey got revenge by exacting overkill on my M10 with 5 damage!. It's final fury did one more damage to a Tiger, as did the other 76mm Sherman. Pool bounced all his hits from the Tigers!

End of Turn 2.


The movement phase is pretty quick when you've lost half your force! Luckily my last two Shermans are pretty healthy at this point, as they push into the cover of the forest.

Pool gave a Tiger busted tracks, while 'Bataan' set its engine on fire. The Tiger retaliated by dealing busted tracks to the Sherman, and the Panther failed to score any hits.

The battlefield as it stands.

The Tiger failed to repair its engine fire, taking another damage.


Pool sets his sights on some Tigers.

After some slight repositioning, Pool opened fire and finished off one of the Tigers.

The Panther lurks behind a farmhouse.

Casey's Panther was unable to put on hurt on the Shermans,
while 'Bataan' caused an engine fire on the surviving Tiger.

The Tigers put a damage each on the Shermans (one as final fury), and the surviving one repaired its engine fire, but its tracks are still busted from a previous turn.

Now we're down to 2 vs 2 tanks!

The carnage of Turn 4.


The Shermans see a juicy target.

Pool beared down on the Tiger, frustratingly only doing 1 damage leaving it alive with one hull point left. This meant my other 76mm shot was needed to finish it off rather than starting to work on the Panther. Luckily he got the job done, and the Tigers were out.

The Panther took a shot at 'Bataan'; 1 damage, 1 critical... Ammo explosion! So 4 damage total, leaving the Sherman with one point left which the Tiger was able to finish off with its final fury.

End of Turn 5. Down to just Pool and the Panther.


Pool rushes for the objective.

Now that we were down to a Tank each, I realised I should be hind for the objective. Upon re-reading the mission I realised my push was too late, as you need 2 victory points to win, and the game ends on Turn 8. So I'd need to finish off the Panther...


Only one will come out alive.

The Panther stays put nexts to his favourite farmhouse, and Pool moves into the cover of the wrecked Tiger.

Both tanks have 6 hull points and have taken a point of damage each before this point, and with 5 attack dice each to matchup is even.

Pool fires! I roll a 5-6-6 and use Pool's ability to upgrade that 5 to a 6. Casey flubs his roll and so 3 cries go through... Ammo explosion, Luck Hit, and Damaged Optics! The perfect combo. The Panther is now dead, and the damaged optics will stunt its final fury.

The Panther fails to score any hits with its final fury, and thus the Americans win!

A stunning barrage from Pool to end the game.


Wow, what a game! Of course I'm on a high because I won, but it was actually really fun as it came down to the wire and I was able to get good use out of Lafayette Pool's ability; upgrading crits, and his higher initiative meant he outclassed the Panther.

It didn't look so good for me in the first half, but slowly working down the Tigers payed off in the end.

I'll certainly be looking forward to the rematch!

- Victor

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