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United States
Victor at Battlefront
VS British
Chris at Battlefront

An overcast day here in Auckland provided the perfect chance to play some Flames Of War. Chris challenged me with his British, and we decided to use the forces we plan on taking to an upcoming tournament in a couple weeks.

While it was a Blue on Blue match, it still proved to be a close one and good training for me. We used the battle plans and rolled up Counterattack.

I think I've learned the value of a Spearhead unit. In this mission I was able to use my Cavalry Recon Troop to get onto the far objective early with my Para platoon. I was confident they'd be tough to remove, so it was just a matter of hanging on with everything else!

On the other flank, things weren't going so well. I was too aggressive with my tanks and TD's, and Chris punished me for it. This lead to some tactical retreating with some units so my formation wouldn't break, and I was able to hold on to turn 6 when the objectives went live.

Chris did a great job of destroying a lot of my tanks, and I was admittedly quite lucky to not have my formation break. His M10's were a standout unit of his, and made me jealous of both his skill using them, and the fact the British version has 2 extra Anti-tank...

Thanks to Chris for choosing to spend part of his birthday with me, and providing an excellent game!

- Victor

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United States
Victor at Battlefront