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United States
Victor at Battlefront
VS Axis
Wayne Turner at Battlefront

Having just played against Chris, I decided to have another game on the same table, this time against Wayne’s Panzers. The mission rolled was Dust Up, which provides an interesting deployment setup.

I used my Spearhead from the Cavalry Recon to bring across my Stuarts and Armoured Mortars, but kept them hidden from the 88's. My Paras defended the objective closest to Wayne, backed up by my 75mm Shermans. The 76's and M10's were in reserve.

The majority of the battle was a slow grind between our tanks, exchanging kills fairly evenly. I struggled to do any real damage for the first few turns but eventually got a Panzer IV platoon.

One fun moment was when Wayne rolled a great reserves roll that I was a able to thwart with my French Resistance Raid command card. The second roll resulted in no reserves :)

Once the Tigers did show up on the following turn I started to loose that flank and had to race over my M10s to try help, but it wasn't enough. The Paras got stuck in and tried to assault Waynes Panzer Grenadiers but it was a bit of a suicide mission, and left the other objective exposed.

On the other side I finally got rid of a second Panzer IV platoon but it was too late.

The game was won by the Tigers claiming the objective the Paras had left behind. In hindsight I would've committed more to that flank to hold for longer, as given a bit more time I might have been able to push for the objective next to the 88's.

Congrats to Wayne on a hard fought game!

- Victor

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Wayne Turner at Battlefront