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Tank Battle at Caen

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Von Doooom
VS United States

A 100+ point game we played this evening.
MISSION: Week Four (FoW Red) – Outflanked in Caen
My Force was as follows:
Panzer IV Formation
Mixed Panzer HQ (1 Panzer IV & 1 Panzer IV)
1 Panzer IV Platoon (3 Panzer IV’s)
1 Panzer IV Platoon (2 Panzer IV’s & 1 Panzer III)
1 Panther Platoon (3 Panthers)
1 Tiger Platoon (4 Tigers)

Andiluvian’s force was as follows:
Mixed Panzer HQ (1 Panzer IV & 1 Panzer IV)
Sherman formation
2 vet Sherman 75mm hq
5 vet Sherman 76mm
5 vet Sherman 76mm

M10 formation
2 greyhound hq
2 m10 tank killer
2 m10 tank killer
4 3in tank guns

On this day the 2nd SS Panzergruppe secured objectives in the building sector and mined the bridge approach and waited for the British advance. Reports came in that it wasn’t the British advancing one their position but an American armoured force. The call was issued for reinforcements, a Tiger Platoon and a Panther Platoon was dispatched to reinforce Panzergruppe.
The initial start of the battle started with a naval barrage that ranged in on West Panzer platoon. Andiluvian’s tank guns struck first but the Panzergruppe was prepared and managed to get cover before they did any real damage. They sought cover behind the church and residential housing. The East Panzer platoon took up a defensible position and waited for Andiluvian’s M-10’s to get within range. In the meantime the Panzergruppe HQ positioned themselves to secure the objectives.
With support from the Vetern Sherman’s, the vetern M-10’s advanced and was able to take out a West and East Panzer unit. Forcing the remaining units to withdraw North to draw some of the Americans away from the objective hoping to gain some valuable time till the reinforcements to show up. It was around this time that the demoralized crew from the west panzer platoon decided to scuttle their tank retreat on foot out of the battle.
The East Panzer platoon’s decoy worked but also drew the Tank guns fire to their new position. With a selfless act, the Panzer unit shielded his commander from the fire making it possible that he got away in hopes that he could aid the HQ, the reinforcement would be here soon but word came over the radio that French Resistance had delayed the Tiger & Panther units but not stopped them. They would just have to hold until they got here.
As the reinforcements arrived, Tigers to the East objective & Panthers to the West objective, the last Panzer IV of the East Platoon fell. A renewed battle arose with the Tigers and Panther each scoring hits. A luck shot penetrated one of the Tigers hulls resulting in a massive explosion, likely a result from a previous battle that weakened the armour in just the right way.
The Tigers made quick work of the M-10’s but the Panthers weren’t able to accomplish their task and the Sherman’s were able to reach the objective. If it hadn’t been for the call over the radio to withdraw because the British had made up time and the commanders didn’t want to get outflanked. At least one objective was secured.

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