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Fending off the Russian tanks

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Von Doooom
VS Soviet
A V Pylcyn

Set up was I started with my mixed panzer HQ on the board with a 3 tank unit of panzer 3’s in reserve and 3 tank unit of panzer 4’s in ambush. AV PYLCYN started with all his forces on the board.
Turn one he advanced almost to the objectives and brought his other unit up the other side, my turn i blitz up the hill and took out 2 tanks on the objective while my ambushers came from the trees and hit the other unit on the other objective.

Turn 2 he hit back destroying my HQ and attacking the ambushers from the rear, my turn 2 i crossed the river onto the objective and targeting the russians on the other objective in hopes of taking them off the objective…did not work and the game was over before my reserves came on.

set up
Turn 1
Turn 2

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A V Pylcyn