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No! this town is mine!

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Von Doooom
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der Fuchs

The battle for the bridges of Vernon Then on May 7 1944 American P-47 Thunderbolt pilots, dive bombing to dangerously low heights, destroy the railway bridge over the Seine at Vernon. But the main bridge that could carry thousands of troops and vehicles is only slightly damaged.


Our gaming night was a bit sparse for people so I ended up playing General Fuchs. Our lists were pretty much a mirror match...I had a Panzergrenadier HQ, 2 panzergrenadier platoons (1 in halftracks and one without) and 2 Tiger tanks for support. General Fuchs had a Panzergrenadier HQ, 2 panzergrenadier platoons (both in halftracks) and paks for support.

we played a 50 point game using the Bridgehead mission modified for a 4'x4' table.

Turn 1

I moved my forces up defensively trying to prevent Fuchs from getting any good lines of fire on me

moving up

Turn 2

I moved my Tigers around the corner out of sight of the AT guns but on the objectives

Turn 3

My Pzr Grenadiers on foot crossed the main road and moved into the church. My HQ and 2nd Platoon in half-tracks stayed out of sight behind the church.

Turn 4

I kept my PzrGrens hidden, and once again fired my Tigers killing nothing.

Turn 5

My remaining Tiger held fast. I dismounted my 2nd platoon and, along with the Tiger, fired into the buildings where Fuchs platoon was hiding, pinned them and assaulted the unit forcing them to withdraw, I then consolidated onto the northern objective unchallenged.

Turn 6

I then moved my PzrGrens out of the church and onto the objectives. Fuchs tried to assault but was pushed back and the objectives and game was mine!

A great and fun game with a great opponent

End of Game

Well this most likely will be my last battle report for this campaign and I wanted to thank Battle front for putting on an excellent campaign! The format/web type set up is amazing and has re-energized me and our club/store, both in playing the game and also the hobby side of things (painting and terrain etc) plus the desire to create the presentation side of things (battle reports honing the video editing part of the process…which I have found to be very fun to do!)….hope you all had a great group of games (your reports were great!) and I look forward to the next one! ;)

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