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Defending the Bridge from the Russian advance

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Von Doooom
VS Soviet

A 50 point game we played this evening.

MISSION: Free for all on a 4’x4′ table.
My Force was a Panzer 3 HQ, Panzer 3 – 3 tank unit, and Panzer 4 – 3 tank unit.
Ruchey’s force was a unit of Stewarts, unit of T-70’s, unit of T-34, and T-34 HQ

I waited for the Russians to advance, P4’s in front of the bridge with the HQ close and the P3’s positioned to move to either side to deal with any Russian units trying to take the objectives.

Attacker moved forward and at the end of Fire my HQ was destroyed
During my turn, I swung my P3's over and attacked the T-34 taking one out
During my turn 2, I swung my P3's back toward the the T-70
During my turn 3, the P3's took out the T-70, the P4's continued to attack the Stewarts
Turn 4, saw one of my P3's taken out as well as a P4. The P3's continued to attack the Stewarts, the P4 was bailed out and couldn't attack.
Turn 5, was the end with only my P3's still alive and no way to accomplish the mission

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  • Stefan Johannsson says:

    Very good report and interesting use of Soviet floating tanks. 😉

  • Oberst Nagten says:

    Cool terrain

    technically the Russians poled their tanks across big waters on log rafts. LR(T)s I think we would call them (Landing Raft, Tank). Singing Volga Boatmen all the way

  • James Westerfield says:

    Urrah for the Soviets and their swimming tanks. Good job, keep it up.