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Stopping the Cobra!

Wayne Turner at Battlefront
VS United States
Craig Ross

FlamesCon 2019

This battle took place as FlamesCon 2019 against Craig Ross. We played a Free For All after we both choose to Attack using the Battleplan mission selector.

Craig's US Force with British Allies
My (Wayne) Force

I put the my Panzergrenadiers on the left objective and have a Panzer IV Tank Platoon covering the right. I put the rest of my force on the centre.
Craig had his Rangers and Allied British Churchills on my right, while his M10s and Sherman (both British and US) covered the left.


The Game
Craig took the aggressive stance and pushed his Rangers and Churchill towards my Panzer IVs on the right objective. This started the long exchange of fire between the Churchills and Panzer IV with little effect on either side. Eventually the Churchills began to get the upper-hand.

The game begins

On the other flank I pushed my Tigers up the centre and directed my Panzer IVs towards the left, where Craig had deployed both the US and British Shermans. The 88s waited in the middle for the M10s to make an appearance.

Craig pushed his 76mm Shermans out to have a go at my Panzer IVs, while he used his AOP to range his Priests in on my right Panzer IV Tank Platoon.

Clash on the left

On the left the Panzer IVs won the exchange with the M4 Sherman (76mm) Tank Platoon, destroying two, and forcing the remaining tank to flee. The HQ also managed to snipe out a concealed British Sherman.

The Right

On the right after several turns of exchange I've lost one Panzer IV. With success on the left I move my Tigers and one 88 to start dealing with the Churchills, while the Panzer IVs begin to shoot up the lefthand Ranger Platoon.

The Rangers close in

On the right as the Rangers closed in on the objective, the wait of firepower from the artillery and Churchills eventually took its toll and only one Panzer IV remained. The Tigers took over the defence. One Churchill Troop was knocked out.

The first Ranger Platoon turned back

The lefthand Panzer IVs had now moved to the centre and have been shooting up on of the Ranger Platoons, eventually getting it down to Last Stand tests. They came under several Priest artillery barrages, but survived. Eventually an 88 blew the AOP out of the sky.

Eventually the M10s moved out from hiding to engage my Panzer IVs, the Panzer IVs bailed out M10s over several turns, but didn't have much luck with firepower. I lost another Panzer IV in the exchange.

End of Game

On the right the I lost an 88 and the last Panzer IV, but not before I broke the Churchill and Ranger Formations. This allowed me to direct my remaining firepower on the M10s. The Tigers and last 88 completed the victory by knocking out the M10 formation.

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Wayne Turner at Battlefront