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Mortain Counterattack

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VS United States
All American
Overview of Mortain, later time knowledge.

Mission Briefing

The Panzer counterattack needs to clear a dug in position of US Armored Rifles before reinforcements arrive, or encircle and deal with the reinforcements as they arrive.

The first option was chosen by the Panzer force with one squadron of PzIV's threatening encirclement.

American Forces

All American Parade ready

Formation units

2x SMG teams

1. Full Armored Rifle Platoon
2. Full Armored Rifle Platoon
3x Armored mortars


4x M10 (Ambushing)
3x Veteran M4 Sherman 76mm
3x M7 Priest artillery

Cards: Lucky / French resistance raid - That did not deter the German force

German Forces

Front elements of the Panzer Division, supported by Panzergrenadiers.

Formation Units

2x Panzer IV

2x Tiger
3x Panzer IV


Panzergrenadiers (Reduced)
4x StuG

Cards: Lucky


Overview of the tactical map, US rifles have dug deep and greedily, waiting for the panzers to roll in.
Panzers have rolled in to the fields, battle is joined.

The Game is on

German Turn 1: Panzers and Tigers roll through the fields in parallel, taking an oppertune shot at an exposed Priest and Mortar Halftrack, the Priest bought the farm.
US Turn 1: Sie Amerikan tank hunters reveal their ambush, far behind the line (too afraid to face the mighty Tiger), driving straight a head to meet the flanking Panzer group.
So afraid that they drop smoke in front of them, hoping it will deter the mighty warmachine.
M10's Rushing to counter the Panzers on flanking speed, not doing much other then bounching shots.
German Turn 2: Incing forward towards the dug in Rifles while waiting for needed backup for the assault Tigers and PzIV HQ throw ineffective fire at the foxholes. Flanking squad moves closer to cover but manage to botch all return fire.
US Turn 2: On the flanking side the M10 platoon shows a stike of competence (or luck) and hit four shots, knocking out two and bailing the third. Priest throw shells in the air, but with no result.
German Turn 3: The remaining flanking PzIV remounts and disengages when then Panzergrenadiers show up and push right up the road by the Tigers. HQ sharpshooter knocks out a M10 on extreme range while the Tigers dispose of one Bazooka.

US Turn 3: M10's dash for cover while the rest stands idle, waiting for reserves that are taking their merry time.

German Turn 4: The last platoon arrives, StuG's ready to push for the assault. Mounted Panzergrenadiers line up for a massive combined assault planed next turn.

US Turn 4: 2nd Rifle Platoon arrives from the far end, securing the objective, so much for the flanking manouver. M10's keep hugging cover like the rest of the force.
German Turn 5: Panzers, Tigers and Panzergrenadiers move in for assault on opposing flanks of the firmly dug in Rifle Platoon.
Not managing to pin them before the assault the Tigers move in first with the HQ PzIV, killing two and pushing them back, pinned, ready for the grenadiers.
The Panzergrenadiers where not ready... or too ready, not sure which, but the pinned defensive fire hit five times and not a single save was made, platoon decimated... so much for that.
US Turn 5: Sherman's arrive from the closer flank dashing towards the action while the rest of the US force spends shells and ammo with little effect besides killing the last Panzergrenadier.
German Turn 6: The moment of truth, the final assault.

With last ditch effort, HQ Panzers, StuG's and Tigers pin the Rifles with MG fire, killing two Bazookas before the second assault. Hoping to drive them of the objective, securing it and the game, the darn things manage to take out BOTH PzIV's in defensive fire with the last two bazookas!

Thus the game ends, german formation has only one platoon left, the counter attack was repelled.

So it ends...

Post-battle thoughts:

Should have brought some Nebs with me, giving those dwarfs an ass full of rockets before assaulting, something to remember for the next battle.

If just one bazooka had missed the battle could have ended differently, but such is the whim of lady luck.

Remembering the Battle of Mortain by a US soldier

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