D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

TANKS - W6 - The last battle

VS United States

Assault on the Seine River

US : 1x Pershing, 1x Jackson, 3x Sherman 76
German : 1x Tiger, 1x Panther, 1x Panzer IV, 1x Puma, 1x StugG

Turn 1-2 : The Panter, the Tiger are going on the center to the bridge. The Pershing and two Shermans come to meet them ! On the German Side, the Puma and the Stug want to go behind the US line. With a lucky Shot the Jackson is destroyed on one shoot ! The battle is intense ine the center and a Panther and a sherman are destroyed.

Turn 3-4 : The Puma behind the US line is destroyed in one shoot and made nothing in return !!!!
The second Sherman in the center is destroyed by the Tiger and the Stug severely hurt the Pershing. German believe in victory !

Turn 5-6 : With his legendary no luck, german player fails his defense roll and the tiger is destroyed ! The Panzer IV and the Stug try to resist but the Pershing kill the panzer IV and stay on the center with only 2 hit points !

German's Tiger Defense Roll !
Victory of the US !

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