D-Day Global Campaign

Flames of War Global Campaign

The efforts of the United Nations to liberate France have been met with stiff resistance and fierce counterattacks. We knew this would be no easy task and the enemy is well trained, well equipped, and battle-hardened. All efforts have been made by our brave soldiers to push through and not allow the Germans to set up fortified lines. We have secured our beachheads but now it is paramount that the offensive doesn’t stall before breakthrough is achieved!

The 9th Infantry has sealed the Cherbourg peninsular but the city is still in German hands. Fighting around St. Lo has also been savage and caused great destruction to this beautiful area. The best news comes from the British Sector. They have managed to overcome the German defenders around Villers Bocage and this is putting the German lines in jeopardy.

Brave Leaders Emerge!
Leading from the front and by example two US commanders have distinguished themselves. Captain Harry Notcher is a hard charger. His leadership and intelligence efforts are an inspiration to us all.

Lieutenant General James Westerfield’s VII Corps have been fighting harder than any others to capture Cherbourg and they have led the US offensive. The future of the offensive lies in securing a harbor to move in supplies. Second Lieutenant Generaltham has also been noted as a hard fighter leading his tank formations and pushing for a breakthrough.

Our Valiant Allies!
Four years of Nazi suppression have not dampened the spirit of the French people. Under the Nazi yoke these freedom fighters have grown strong and have risen up to support the invasion. The Forces Francaise de l’intérieur and Franco-Tieures et Partisans have formed fighting units that have joined our forces and been of great assistance with their local knowledge and fighting prowess. But it is not only in the battlefields that their presence is felt. Their raids behind the lines have greatly hindered enemy troop movements and reserves. Our war is truly a war of all freedom loving peoples and United Nations!


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